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iPhone 8 Plus


This review is going to be on the iPhone 8 Plus but before I go into the review I just want to let you guys know these are my thoughts on how I feel about the phone. This was my first time actually trying an iPhone out because I am an Android kind of girl.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts

Are you still trying to find the right Valentine’s Day gift for anybody on your list? You’re in luck I have a couple of products you may be interested in and just because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you can’t pick up some extra goodies for yourself.

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Valentines Day is here which means candy, flowers, and balloons! But that also means Valentine’s Day parties at school. Here are some great options from Reese’s and Jolly Ranchers.

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Gimbal’s Fine Candies

In 1898, Alexander Gimbal founded the Gimbal Candy Kitchen in bustling downtown San Francisco. Four generations later, all of us at Gimbal’s Fine Candies remain passionate about making delectable treats.

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Gillette Venus Women’s Razor


When trying a product out that I get sent over or buy, I always try to give my 100% honest feedback. Trying to find the right razor that is just right for you is a little difficult. Some girls say they all work the same but they don’t, trust me on this. Gillette is one of my favorite brands when it comes to shaving.

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