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Holiday Season by Precious Moments


Precious Moments has the perfect décor to bring Christmas cheer to your home but they make great gifts too. Ever since I was a little girl I loved all things Precious Moment and love adding to my collection.

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Personalized Ornaments


Making a customized Christmas ornament is one of the most unique and perfect gifts to give anybody. has hundreds of different ornaments you can personalize for just about any occasion. This year I wanted to make sure everybody had their own personalized ornament with something they did this year.

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What the holidays coming up and family coming to town V.I.Poo Toilet Spray is a must-have. V.I.POO comes in four wonderful fragrances that makes your bathroom smell wonderful after you go number 2. 

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Black Note: Tobacco E-Liquid

ONCE UPON A TIME, SMOKING WAS THE COOL THING TO DO. Big tobacco companies helped make sure of it, downplaying the health hazards and playing up the smooth, sublime inhale of a satisfying cigarette. The health issues eventually became too colossal to ignore, with their hazards trumpeted across the land in the media, on teen-oriented TV shows and pretty much everywhere else you turned.

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