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Geko Launches First In-Car Emergency Locator


From the award-winning designers of the Smart Whistle, Geko and WISO, comes the PanicSafe Emergency Locator. This in-car panic button automatically sends texts, emails, and even calls preselected contacts all just a few seconds after the built in G-sensor detects any impacts or sudden brakes.

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Summer Weekend Essentials from Bioré


As the weather starts to warm up – those long, relaxing summer weekends are closer than we think! Luckily, bringing your favorite skincare routine with you doesn’t need to be a chore. This Memorial Day (and all the glorious extended weekends to come) can be made simple with Biore’s perfect travel-friendly essentials to make packing a breeze. These must-haves fit perfectly in your toiletry bag and make cleansing and refreshing your skin quick and fun, so you have more time to relax and soak up the sun! …

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Beautiful Skin



Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare Complete Clarity Daily Facial Exfoliating Polish will leave your skin looking refreshed and smoothed. This creamy scrub is gentle on skin yet gives a strong exfoliating action that refines skin texture, clear pores, removes dulling dirt and dead skin and stimulates skin turnover leaving skin feeling purified and invigorated. 

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Miracle Skin Transformer


Miracle Skin Transformer has always been a go-to for me because I love the way their products make my skin look at feel. Since I been using their line I do get a lot of compliments on how nice my skin looks. I’m always excited to try new products from them. This is one of the brands I highly recommend to everyone.

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The Pearl Source


We are now in the middle of a Pearl Renaissance! Everyone from Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Ellen DeGeneres, Kris Jenner, and Angelina Jolie to Rihanna and Keira Knightly are sporting the pearl look. While pearls have always been popular, they are now taking on a whole new look.

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