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Nerium International


Hey, guys today I want to talk about a brand new product that I got to try out from Nerium. Before I get into my review here some background information about the company. Nerium International is a global relationship marketing company that makes skincare and wellness products. They have a variety of different products on their website and are always coming out with something new.

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Ariana Grande Debuts Purple Hair

Get the Look: Ariana Grande Debuts Purple Hair

Who would have thought Ariana Grande would deviate from her signature high-pony look? Last week, while on tour, Ariana rocked a purple pastel wig which inspired us all to add some pastel color to our hair look. Whether you want to go for a full color wig, or just add a few pieces, Hairdo makes it easy for you to temporarily switch up your look like Ariana did. 

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Tresor Rare Ultimate Pearl Facial Peel


The Ultimate Pearl Facial Peel formula includes a unique combination of ingredients to methodically and comfortably eliminate dead skin cells, surplus oil and residues hence leaving the skin feeling smooth and soft, resulting to a new healthy glow.

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Fourth of July Essentials

With Fourth of July just around the corner here is some beauty Essentials that you can just throw in your bag and take with you wherever you go and if you’re going anywhere where there’s water two of these products are definitely going to come in handy for you.

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Celebrate Freedom From Dry Skin

Planning a getaway for Independence Day? Not sure how to keep your dry skin at bay while you’re away? Curél has the perfect products to make your dry skin routine easy, even on the go, so you can celebrate your freedom from dry skin! It’s a simple two step routine that is proven to cleanse and soothe itchy skin, while preventing flare ups and increasing cell turnover to promote healthy skin. Keep your dry skin under control – and enjoy a relaxing Independence Day weekend!

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Samy Fat Hair “0” Calories Amplifying Hair Spray from Fat Hair has been one of my go-to for a long time now. This hairspray has a unique formula that will keeps your hair style in all day and night,

The hairspray has been one of the best I have ever had to hold in my a style all day and that’s a good thing because, I have fine thin straight hair and need all the help I can get to keep a curl in my hair.

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