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Glade Pineapple Mangosteen

Hi guy’s today I am so have to do this review on new Glade Mist I got to review for free. I am Buzz Agent and I get to try out all new things to review to see how I like them then give my feedback. I got the mist in Pineapple Mangosteen. I love the smell of pineapple so this was a good one for me to try. I am 100% loving this one. I have got a new one just beauty they give me a …

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When I seen this I got so happy because I thought something that can help me make my closet. I have a lot of thins that in my closet that dose not need to be in there but there but there’s no room in my bedroom. I got a blue and a green one and it fix all my things in it and then some. I never thought cleanin out my closet would be so easy for me to do and find room. I think …

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CollageIt Review

So I was happy to try this out. I love putting pictures together and adding cute little things to them. I have been looking to find something that dose not take a lot of time to make. It’s so easy to add your photos to your collage that a 7 year old has fun with it. I do wish that they had more fun layouts or background like Hello Kitty or even Twilight. Something we all like and know will look good to go with …

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Pirate Costume

Hey guys so I was happy I got to do a review for this. This year was not a good year for us and I thought the kids would have to have there same costume from the year before. So when I seen they let me review a pirate costume. I thought how cool is that. The kids have never been a pirate so this would be nice. I thought of getting something 8 year old boy but when I seen …

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