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Gillette Venus Women’s Razor


When trying a product out that I get sent over or buy, I always try to give my 100% honest feedback. Trying to find the right razor that is just right for you is a little difficult. Some girls say they all work the same but they don’t, trust me on this. Gillette is one of my favorite brands when it comes to shaving.

I had a package delivered from Gillette with a Venus Women’s Comfortglide 3 Blade Razor and a refill box. I have never tried out before so I was a little excited to try it out. That evening I decided to try out the razor and the first thing I noticed was the flexible moisturizing bar that surrounded the razor. Having the moisturize bar surrounding the blades makes the razor easier to glide against your skin for a closer shave.

My skin did fill a lot smoother after using the razor and had a nice scent from the vanilla cream bar that lingered on my skin. However, I did notice that the razor missed some spots on my legs and under my arms. I do feel that the moisturizer bar around the razor is little too thick and because of that, it stops the razor from being flush against your skin. (Update: I switched out the blade for a different one and that one works better than the one before. The moisturizing bar that surrounds the razor was actually a lot thinner and the razor was flush against my skin like it should have been.

If you have ever tried out this razor or if you suggest me try and any other brand out please let me know in the comments. If you have ever tried this razor out before let me know your thoughts or if there’s any other brand you want me to try out go ahead and leave it in the comments and I will give it a go.




The review listed above is my own opinion. I was not paid to post the review. However, we may receive free products in exchange for reviews from time to time. Otherwise, we review products that we personally bought/use with our family’s. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I have used personally, and think will be good fit for my readers

With Much Love, XOXO

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