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Games For Fun


With Christmas over and New Year’s to come it’s time to find games for the little ones. We were sent over a couple of games that made the kids giggle when they all played. After a while of hearing them laugh I joined in to play the games and had a blast.

Catch The Fox Board Game was very easy to assemble all you have to do is put the chicken stickers on his boxers and pull his pants from underneath him and you are good to go.  To play the game you roll the dice and what the number lands on is how many chickens you put in his pocket and push him down once or twice. When his pants are full they will fall down and the chickens will go everywhere. The first person to collect the most chickens wins the game.

Greedy Granny Game was so much fun and very hilarious for the kids to play. Granny has fallen asleep again with a whole tray of goodies on her lap. Each player will take a turn on attempting to remove each piece from Granny’s tray but they have to be careful not to wake her up. Granny is a light sleeper and if you disturb Granny her teeth will come flying out. 

Bunny jump board game is one of the easiest games to play. Each player gets their own basket and when it’s their turn they spin the wheel whatever it lands on is how many carrots you pull. But be careful you can lose a turn. Whoever pulls the right carrot out and makes the bunny jump in the air wins but only if you catch him.


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