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The Wonderbag design allows food to be slow cooked or kept warm off of a heat source. It works in four, easy steps: Boil it, bag it, stand it and share it. To slow cook, simply bring food to the boil on a stove, let simmer, and then put the pot with its lid into your Wonderbag, cinch tightly with the drawstring, and slow cook to perfection for up to 12 hours.

If your a parent like me always on the go this is definitely something you want to invest in. I have only used the Wonderbag a couple of times and the photo that I had but somehow deleted it off my phone. The photo you see above is not mine but exactly how my beef stew looks when we made it.


Here are a few tips and tricks for cooking the Wonderbag Way. Since the Wonderbag uses heat retention to cook, it slows the time a boiling pot cools to room temperature, allowing the food to slow cook. You want to make sure you use the right size pot for the amount of food you are going to make. Pots that have short handles work best in my own opinion. Remember to bring your food to a gentle boil before putting the pot into the Wonderbag. Use a tight fitting lid so that all your ingredients will be heated all the way through.

I highly recommend Wonderbag if you don’t have a lot of time to cook or even just to take with you on a long road trip for a picnic. Just prepare your food bring it to a boil and place in the bag let the bag do all the magic


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