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Gifts for All

Trying to find the right holiday gift this year I have three products I think you’re going to love. The products I’m going to talk about are for cooking and pets. I know what you’re thinking these products shouldn’t be together in the same post but you will understand soon why I put them together.

For my household, my sister and I love cooking but sometimes it’s very simple just to throw a grilled cheese sandwich together for lunch. We always wanted to try out products from Red Copper but have never purchased any. We were gifted Red Copper Flipwich & Red Copper Omelette Pan and I was very impressed with all the different food you can make with them both. All Red Copper products are nonstick, scratch-resistant interior. Making them perfect for a professional chef like my sister. With the Flipwich we have made regular grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, dessert and even hamburgers. With the Red Copper Omelette Pan you can make anything you want not just omelettes. We have made enchiladas, pizza, chicken, dessert and other fun things using just this pan.

Say Hello to the Hurricane Fur Wizard Deluxe Lint Brush. Hurricane Fur Wizard Deluxe Lint Brush. As I mentioned before the reason I put these together in the same pose is because we have pets but only one that is inside. Our indoor pet is a cat and she has long hair so she sheds like crazy and we are always trying to get cat hair off our clothing and furniture. When cooking you always want to make sure you have no hair on you so this is where the Fur Wizard comes in handy. I feel like the bigger one works better than the small one But it does get the job done right as you can see from my cat she doesn’t really like it.

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