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What the holidays approaching what a better way to introduce you all to an app called Elfster.  Elfster is a FREE gift exchange website to make all gift-giving easier and secretive if you do Secret Santa. Every year I get asked the same question what do you want for your birthday or for Christmas. It just gets tiring of repeating myself over and over again like a broken record. So this app is pretty exciting for me because I can make one wish list where everybody can see it.

To join the Elfster Community connect with your Facebook account or fill out all your information. After joining Elfster’s  you can do either two things make a wish list or a gift exchange list. To create a wishlist simply go to search and then type in any product you are. When it opens the page you will see the product you are looking for On the picture of the product you will see a green box with a star that says wish. You will then get a pop-up that says wish added. You can simply share your wishlist with friends and family through social media. When your friends are family clicks on your wishlist it will take them directly to Amazon or where to purchase the product.

For secret Santa gift exchange you just have to fill out a few details.  Some of the questions that they ask our if you’re participating the names the date and how much money you want to spend. Names are drawn the day after the sign-up deadline. This year we are planning on using Elfster for our secret Santa at home. This way with Elfster’s help on picking out names this year we will not have cheating and it will be equally fair.

For more information please visit them at and if you have ever used their website let me know your thoughts in the comments below or just email me.



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