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Black Note: Tobacco E-Liquid

ONCE UPON A TIME, SMOKING WAS THE COOL THING TO DO. Big tobacco companies helped make sure of it, downplaying the health hazards and playing up the smooth, sublime inhale of a satisfying cigarette. The health issues eventually became too colossal to ignore, with their hazards trumpeted across the land in the media, on teen-oriented TV shows and pretty much everywhere else you turned.

Quitting smoking then became the cool thing to do, primarily for your health but also to avoid ostracism – by your friends, your pet cat and society as a whole. The idea of electronic cigarettes quietly tiptoed onto the scene, providing an alternative to smoking that purported to be healthier, safer and not as offensive to the nose.

When purchasing a product I’m a sucker for packaging and I must say this packaging is amazing. In the photo, you can see a lot of detail and presentation that they put into their packaging. In today’s society vaping is the new thing, In my opinion, it’s much safer and better for your body. Any product you buy with tobacco such as cigarettes is going to be expensive cuz prices just keep going up. having liquid for a vape is much more affordable and will last longer and there’s so many different flavors to choose from.

The Ensemble Notebook is a collection of six distinct tobacco vaping liquid blends in 10ml bottles dedicated to bringing you an authentic tobacco experience. I highly recommend just purchasing a set of 6 or one of the smaller size they have just to see which one you like more and from there you can purchase a bigger bottle. I’m not a big fan of vaping but I did have others tried out for me and they said It is one of the best e-liquid that they had tried before and the flavors are wonderful to mix and blend with other liquids.

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