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Tresor Rare Ultimate Pearl Facial Peel


The Ultimate Pearl Facial Peel formula includes a unique combination of ingredients to methodically and comfortably eliminate dead skin cells, surplus oil and residues hence leaving the skin feeling smooth and soft, resulting to a new healthy glow.


When thinking of a facial peel this is not what I have expected. I thought when the product dried you peeled it off your face but was I wrong. Haing very dry skin this was something I was excited to try out. There are two different ways you can apply the facial peel to your face and that’s using the little gold tool it comes with or using your fingers. Is very easy to apply the product just make sure your face is dry completely. Your only going to need a small amount of product because a little goes a long way.

Next, you’re going to go ahead and take some of the product with your fingers or the little tool that it comes with and apply with a circular motion. Let the product stay on your face for about 2 minutes. After the few minutes, you’re going to go over your face in circular motions to activate the peeling effect. Seeing all the dead skin come off my face was a little disgusting. Make sure to use a warm washcloth to wipe off any residue you have left behind. I did notice my face felt a little tingly afterwards but it went away.

Afterwards, I did notice my skin was softer and seemed a little brighter.  For more information about this product please visit


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